Magic Butterfly Packet


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Flying Butterflies that look like real magic!

Imagine changing a caterpillar into a flying butterfly. Yes, that is what happens. You place a caterpillar into your hand and instantly is changes into a butterfly that really flies up and out of your hand!

You get a packet of four Magic-Butterflies and a booklet of instructions on how to make and perform these seven magical effects. It will be mailed to you, so please give me your mailing address.


The Instructional booklet is available in a download.

  • Butterfly Restored
    Torn and restored printed butterfly sheet is restored with the butterfly flying away from the sheet. (A copy of the sheets to perform this effect are included in your instructional booklet.)
  • Bare Hand Transformation
    A caterpillar placed within you hand suddenly changes into a flying butterfly. (A “WonderWorm” is included in your packet.)
  • Butterflies are Free!
    Out of a large dollar bill appears several butterflies.
  • Living Pages
    From the pages of a book the butterflies magically appear.
  • Butterfly Production
    Several butterflies appear from an empty silk scarf.
  • Magic Box
    An empty box is filled with flying butterflies.
  • Flying Ace
    A chosen playing card is revealed by the flying butterfly. 
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