“Hart Attacks!!!” Magic Lecture


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This is a magic lecture for magicians who want to add something different to their performances both on stage and up close.


Lecture Notes & Video Links
As presented to over 30 magic clubs and conventions, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood

These effects are the ones I have used to make a good living as a professional magician. This lecture includes both close-up and stand up tricks and routines.

Here are a few titles of the effects I cover in this lecture:

  • Jumbo Comedy Card Routine
  • Thumb Tip Blendo Routine
  • How to Make a Dye Tube
  • Poor Man’s Vanishing Bottle
  • Headless Rubber Chicken
  • Cardio Gram
  • Magic Penny
  • Jumbo Coin Through the Head
  • Jumbo Coin Vanish
  • Thumbthing Fun-Jardine/Ellis Ring
  • Bulls Eye Surprise
  • Sticker Magic
  • Baseball Cap Loading- Sponge Ball Magic

You get my notes in a downloadable file and I will send you an email with the link to the video.


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