Sucker Gift Box


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This is a new version of the famous Sucker Die Box. But instead of a die I use a gift box. One that you can hide a gift inside and open it for the finish. There are several uses of this version though it works the same as the older version.

Timely Update for a Classic Routine
Created by Steve Hart

You have a gift and you want to hide it from the birthday child. You can’t hide it in your top hat, that’s the first place they’ll look…so you decide to hide it in a cabinet.

After some by-play of apparently sliding the gift from one side of the cabinet to the other while opening and closing the doors… the audience is sure they know what’s going on.

But when all of the cabinet doors are opened the gift is gone. It magically appears back in the top hat. The gift is opened to reveal a fun surprise.

Yes, it’s time to update the classic Sucker Die Box. Instead of a Die you have a gift box that opens with a gift inside.

Plus, the Gift Box Cabinet is far more versatile as it allows you to add a gift inside of the box which makes this effect adaptable to any story line or routine.

The Gift Box is 3½” square. The cabinet is about 4½” X 5½” X 9″.


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