“Selling with Magic Tricks” – Sales training videos using 7 magic tricks


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This is a series of 10 videos teaching you how to use magic tricks that will help you make more sales. Each trick is comes with a sales presentation you will want to use to close those sales. The magic will help you sell anything from insurance, cars, real estate, retail products, to services.

This kit includes the magic props to perform these tricks:

  • Bounce No Bounce Balls
  • Jumbo Find the Queen
  • Double Headed Quarter
  • No Tear Pad
  • Number Cards
  • Money Puzzle
  • Switch Wallet


This video is an example of what you will get. (The Bounce No Bounce Balls and other magic props in this series are available through me by request.)
I will send you an email with the links to all the videos in an email.


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