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Memberships Levels

If you gave me your email on my Welcome Page of this Website.... Guess what?
You are now a Level One Member of magic2motivate!

Level One Membership:

When you get the magic2motivate e-Newsletter you will find the link to my video, "Magnify Your Strengths, Be You" for FREE.  (This is a $27.00 value.)

Plus in the e-Newsletter is a link to my magic2motivate blog page which is full of 

ideas, tricks, routines, motivation and training. As a working magician, you will find this blog to be a valuable resource of information for you.

Level Two Membership:

If you find anything in Level One of value to you....wait till you get access to Level Two.

Every month I will be adding new installments to the Level Two membership.
The current estimated value of the items in Level Two is over $50.00.
See what is available now from the list below for FREE when you join Level Two.

How much will it cost you to join the Level Two membership?

It is only $5.00 a month...and you can cancel it at anytime.

Start your trial membership by making your first 
$5.00 payment here:

If you sign up for the Level Two...all the items are available to you for FREE!
Send me an email with the item you are requesting 
and I will send it to you.
Please pick one item at a time.

Current list of items available for Level Two Members:

#1. Bare Hand Art Silk Production (instructional video)  

 #2. Mind Reading with a Clatter Box ( Live Video Performance) 

 #3. Coal to Diamond Explanation and Instructional Video 

 #4. Impromptu Ink Pen Trick instructional video  

#5. Making Money Trick and Routine Instructional Video 

#6. "The Golden Handcuffs" (Are you bound to take every booking.) 

#7. Live Video Performance of my Linking Ring Routine.  

#8. "You can learn from my mistakes"  (Article)  

#9. The Clown Nose Magic Box - performance and explanation.

#10  Silk Blendo - A video explaining a simple new method


#11 A video showing you how I put an Art Design/Picture on a Silk Handkerchief

More items will be added next month....

Level Three Membership:

This level will give you access to the items listed above in Level Two and the items listed below. Current estimated value is over $250.00.

PLUS a 20% discount of all the products I sell on my Magic Shop Page including my Burnt Shoe Trick Box and my new Watering Can Botania.

You can join in a Level Three for $10.00 a month....and you can cancel anytime.

You can start your trial membership by making your first
$10.00 payment here:

If you have signed up for Level Three....all of the items below and above are available to you for FREE! Please pick one item at a time.

This is the current list available to Level Three members:

#1. "The Magician's Money Making Survival Guide" e-book 

#2. "Position Marketing"  video and workbook  

#3. Motivational Magic Trick & Routines (Over 20 instructional videos) 

#4.  Position Yourself as an Expert! - Chris Carey   

 #5. Creating New Ideas in Magic - Workbook and 5 training videos 

More items will be added next month....


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